Sunday, November 04, 2007

August: Osage County

(now in previews)

I agree emphatically with Modern Fabulosity's rave of this "magnum opus". This intense, fiery, very funny, enormous play about an Oklahoma family falling apart is the best I have seen in years. Like seriously. The amazing Deanna Dugan, playing the drugged up matriarch, carefully stomps up and down the stairs in her pajamas and shreds all those who venture too close in this, the new great female role in American theatre. The three story house is loaded with sweaty relatives- each with baggage of their own- holding court on fold out couches and air-mattresses as they try and sort out the dilemma of "Where's Daddy?" and about 1000 other issues the clan is dealing with. This production was 3 hours and 20 minutes and there was not a single moment where I was watching the clock. This play needs to be seen and if Playwright Tracy Letts, Dugan and Amy Morton (the level headed drunk daughter) aren't at the very least nominated, then the Tonys are a lie.

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