Thursday, August 14, 2008

Elizabeth Rex

Photo/Erica Parise

I'm a fan of bantering characters, especially charismatic ones, which makes Michael DiGioia's Ned Lowenscroft one of the things worth seeing in Elizabeth Rex. He's paired with a talented tyrant, Stephanie Barton-Farcas, and like their relationship, some of Timothy Findley's play is unbalanced, but it's almost always entertaining.

[Reviewed for Time Out New York]

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C Conway said...

a MUST SEE for anyone who enjoys a smaller more personable show experience. No glitz and glam of Broadway commercialized shows to pick up on dvd at blockbuster the next weekend, both Farcas and Digioia play phenomenally together as completely opposite people from opposite sides of the street being queen/peasant actor... an EXCELLENT cast and they work so smoothly together. The intensity that grows during the show is amazing to the point at some moments you feel that you are in the time period, in the barn with the actors watching the actual experience between queen/actor happening. It is an incredible performance, an understatement must see this fabulous performance to understand the emotions one feels while watching... definitely a 5 star show...