Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Everyday Rapture

Photo: Carol Rosegg

When I initially wrote this, before the reviews came out, I began with "for huge Sherie Rene Scott fans, this one-woman-ish show is a treat." But it turns out that Everyday Rapture is a treat for pretty much everyone but me. Perhaps it's because I saw a preview, and maybe it's improved a lot since then, but I thought the show was uneven and preachy. Everyday Rapture consists of a series of (autobiographical or faux autobiographical) stories, including a tribute to Mr. Rogers, told and sung by Scott with the assistance of her very likeable backup singers and a kick-ass band. The section in which she befriends a crazed fan from YouTube is the most successful part of the show, but it goes on too long. And the moral of the show--yes, it has a moral--is important and true but presented too much like a lecture.

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