Sunday, July 18, 2010

Falling for Eve

Photo: Carol Rosegg

In Falling for Eve, currently playing at the York Theatre Company, Eve (Krystal Joy Brown) eats the apple and wanders the world while Adam (Jose Llana) remains obediently in Eden. God is both an egotistical male (Adam Kantor) and a gospel-singing female (Sasha Sloan), and no snake appears to tempt the first humans. While there's very little there there, the show promises a sweet, non-taxing 90 minutes, and it delivers. The book by Joe DiPietro is light and often funny, and the songs by Bret Simmons (music) and David Howard (lyrics) are accessible at worst and quite good at best. The joy of the current production is the delightful Llana, whose lovely performance is made up of equal parts charm, talent, humor, and sculpted chest (some audience members gasped when his muscular buttocks were briefly on display). I suspect that the often charming, mostly inconsequential Falling for Eve will have a long life in summer stock, regional, and high school productions.

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