Thursday, September 04, 2008


Photo/Ryan Jensen

This crude, shallowly imagined, frantically leaping, childishly portrayed new play of Edith Freni's is, without a doubt, Kidstuff. There's the rare sense of depth, buried deep down in Sarah Nina Hayon's quick retorts and self-denigrating attitude, but for the most part the play is too flat to even pretend that it's good. Partial Comfort Productions often tend to be exaggerated, but they're usually tethered to a sympathetic character who is suffering through an unjust world: here, it's hard to feel bad for a whiny girl who can't get past her first love's betrayal, especially when she surrounds herself with such idiots, all of whom are so cartoonishly portrayed that they end up making her seem far more stable than we're meant to believe.

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