Saturday, September 06, 2008


I saw Rattlestick's production of Craig Wright's new one-act Lady last night and have three questions. 1) Is Paul Sparks the most exciting New York Stage actor of his generation? Not to take a thing away from Michael Shannon (excellent, as a depressed pothead) or David Wilson Barnes (pitch-perfect as a politician whose values have moved to the right over the years) but Paul Sparks has been so consistently dead-on in role after role, with markedly different characterization in each, that he's become compelling reason enough to see anything he's in. 2) Is Lady the best new play I've seen so far this year? I certainly know it's one of the most stimulating and absorbing I've seen yet to draw on our feelings about 'the war'; the playwright's respect for all three characters makes it clear he is after something more resonant than landing easy shots from the left. 3) What can I do to get you to see it? There's a discount code out somewhere and I am going to post it in the sidebar at my blog as soon as I track it down.

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