Thursday, December 31, 2009

Five Worst Shows of 2009

Desire Under the Elms
Photo: Liz Lauren

This list is easy--these five shows were squirmingly wretched:

(In reverse alphabetical order.)
  • West Side Story: A breath-taking example of how to direct the life out of a show.
  • Loaded: Completely lacking wit, drama, believability, or a reason to exist.
  • Impressionism: Bafflingly bad on every level. Confusing plot, bad acting by good actors, dumb premise.
  • Hedda Gabler (with Mary Louise Parker): What were they thinking?
  • Desire Under the Elms: Not only the worst show I saw this year, but one of the very worst I've seen in 40 years of play-going. Stultifying, pompous, and excruciating.


Cameron Kelsall said...

I didn't see LOADED, but completely agree with your other four. Here's to some better theatre on the horizon in the new year!

Wendy Caster said...

Cameron--and I completely agree about Our Town. I love your line about smelling corn instead of bacon--very funny.