Thursday, December 24, 2009


George Bernard Shaw

In Bernard Shaw's riotous Misalliance, a dashing young man and an even more dashing young woman drop by the Tarleton estate (literally--their plane crashes into the greenhouse), upending the plans and assumptions of the aspiring-for-respectabilty Tarletons and providing a great deal of entertainment for the audience. Shaw's work manages to be both timeless and timely as the characters grapple with love, money, honor, socialism, feminism, and one another. In this handsome, well-directed (by Jeff Steitzer), and well-acted production, the ever-wonderful Pearl Theatre Company proves yet again that it is aptly named (pearl definition 4: something precious or choice). The wonderful cast includes Lee Stark, Dominic Cuskern, Dan Daily, Sean McNall, and the amazing Erika Rolfsrud.

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