Thursday, February 04, 2010

For the Love of Broadway: Betty Buckley at Feinstein's

For Betty Buckley fans, there is much to cherish in For the Love of Broadway. The song list nicely combines old standards with the occasional surprise ("There's a Fine, Fine Line" from Avenue Q, for example). Her music director/pianist Kenny Werner provides solid backup and thoughtful, satisfying solos. Buckley uses the mike well (though why she uses a mike at all is a puzzlement) and does a good job of including even those audience members who are practically sitting behind her. For an hour and a half or so, she gives her fans her full-out Betty Buckley Broadway thing. Personally, I don't get Betty Buckley. To me, she always leads with her ego and never, ever, ever lets you forget that she's a star busy acting.


Izzy said...

What?? Always let you know she is a star busy acting??
Why does she use a mike? You do not seem very smart when giving blog reviews.
SHe does not belt every song, and people in the back would probably like to hear the quieter subtle moments of a song. Do you note the mic is not held in the same place continually?

SHE IS A STAR, but she is grounded and humble. SHe knows she is not Meryl Streep. But musically, and in NY she is a huge star due to her Broadway work. And she worked her butt off since 19 and deserves deference to any "snobbery" you think she portrayed because that was the receiving mood YOU were in. What accomplishments have you made?
I guess before you make such an insulting statement you should explain as to HOW she supposedly projects this "star busy acting".

She is the first celebrity twitterer to reply to me personally, and always more than polite!

Should she act subdued on stage? She is ON stage, you are supposed to be colorful and full of energy. She does not act that often, as much as she does music.
You did know she teaches class like 3 days a week in Texas at I believe TCU?
So, bad form.. to you, bad form

Izzy said...
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Anonymous said...

Bad form? I saw this show and it was rotten. I am a Betty Buckley fan. Her run at Birdland last year was remarkable, beautiful, and poignant. This show was poorly sung, the set list was miserably boring, the acting was non-existant beyond self-reverential affects (it isn't necessary to close your eyes and purse your lips at the beginning of every single song), and the aging-drum-majorette mic skills were ridiculous. I believe the reviewers point was that Ms. Buckley is a powerful enough performer to handle singing without a mic. I would have gladly given up a few soft notes if it meant she could get through a song without looking like she was directing a plane into its parking spot. I think the reviewer actually went above and beyond to be kind. Bad form, Izz? Take a look at your sentence structure.