Saturday, July 06, 2013

Potted Potter

Please welcome guest blogger Emma-Caster Dudzick.

As an avid Harry Potter fan, Potted Potter sounded to me like an impossible feat: presenting all seven J.K. Rowling books in only 70 minutes. However, I was very excited to see how they’d do it.

Once it started, I was a bit disappointed. The show was more about the two men involved, the writers, Dan and Jeff. They riffed off each other and played their jobs as funny and straight man, respectively. Though they did this well, I felt a little cheated. For a show promising a summation of the great stories of Harry Potter it didn’t actually contain much Potter.

However, once I realized the true nature of the show, and what the format would actually be, I began to enjoy myself immensely, as Dan and Jeff are actually quite talented performers, and their ability to stay quick and fun is very impressive. And watching the reactions they got from the audience was an added bonus: everyone LOVED it.

Perhaps a re-branding of the show would prevent further disappointments from other Harry fanatics like me, but other than that, this is a great show for kids, and not a bad one for adults.

(free ticket; rear orchestra)

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