Monday, July 22, 2013

Shameless self-promotion time: A review of "Hard Times"


There will be more theater reviews from me in the coming weeks (whether you want them or not!). In the meantime, I wanted to share the fact that the American Music Review newsletter, which comes out of the truly wonderful H. Wiley Hitchcock Institute for Studies in American Music (ISAM to those of us in the biz...and by "biz" I mean scholars devoted to the study of some aspect of American music), has reviewed Hard Times and given it a review that has really made my Monday.
The link to the whole issue is here.
And the link to the review is here.

It is a lovely newsletter--please be sure to check out the entire institute, if you're interested. And if you have yet to get yourself a copy of Hard Times, give it a try, won't you? Apparently, it's "superbly written" and "expertly researched"! I am so, so relieved to hear this!

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