Sunday, September 02, 2007

100 Saints You Should Know

David's already captured the joy of seeing Lois Smith on stage (although I'll add, in something good, because Surface to Air was awful). And Patrick's already pinpointed the "elegant gracefulness" and "prickly humor." I've got a lengthy preview up if you click "Read On" below, so rather than rehash how much I enjoyed 100 Saints You Should Know, I'd like to highlight a moment: Matthew (Jeremy Shamos) has just been told by Abby (Zoe Kazan) that it's alright to say "I don't know" (which he then does), and now stands in a hospital waiting room with Theresa (Janel Moloney), a professional maid who seeks salvation--and perhaps something more--from him. The two, on diverging paths to and from faith, stand in the stark glow of an overhanging light, and Matthew confesses why he's been forced from the rectory--he was caught with male nude photographs--and speaks of his yearning to be touched. In the quietest, most fragilely beautiful moment on stage this year, Theresa reaches out to him, lightly brushing his head as Matthew stares out, at--well, that (like the play's meaning) is for the audience to decide.

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