Sunday, September 16, 2007

FRINGE: bombs in your mouth

Photo/John Scott

Here's to putting the fun back in dysfunction, be it through arm-wrestling, beer-chugging, side-splitting shit-spitting stories, or simple honest sibling rivalries. I'll drink to Corey Patrick's bombs in your mouth, a compact comic drama that really defines the struggles of half-siblings Lily (Cass Bugge) and Danny (Patrick) to find meaning in their adult lives. To get there, they revert to their childhood antics, yet never seem crude, over-the-top, or false. Instead, director Joseph Ward leads them to sincere moments of acknowledged uncertainty, at which point the two look to each other for comfort, which they ultimately find. The shared jokes over cold spaghetti with tomato and ketchup sauce are as warm as the shared rivalries over cold beers, and the entire play is endearingly entertaining. Fantastic work; hope they bring it back soon!

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