Sunday, August 12, 2007

bombs in your mouth

photo by: John Scott

bipolar/wej productions

THIS IS AN EXCELLENT FRINGE PRODUCTION. In this play a half sister returns home to Minnesota from New York for the death of her father and is immersed right back into toxic environment that the father had raised his two "poopers" in. The brother/sister chemistry between Cory Patrick and Cass Bugge could not have been any more authentic as they arm wrestled, played chugging games and were able to scream bitterly and bust each other up laughing all within the span of a single line. Their rich, scarily natural characterizations made this already well written play about figuring out what to do with the dead asshole's shit a top notch Fringe offering.

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Patrick Lee said...

Oh good, because I am seeing it Tuesday....

David Gibbs said...

Double good, because I'm the press agent and love nice reviews.