Sunday, August 19, 2007

Drop Six: Mister Lucky

This hour-long Fringe Festival show, written performed and maybe even a little improv'ed by a talented sketch comedy troupe called Drop Six, has only the slimmest concept to hold it together: nearly every skit is in some way about male-female mating. The troupe is comprised of guys and one gal, so the gal (Alicia Levy) has the most to do: luckily she has a variety of well-honed comic skills and she doesn't wear out her welcome. The show is far more hit than miss: except for a running gag in Amish dress that I didn't care for (it depicts the guys all excited over the gal's over-sexual butter-churning) the troupe's bits of broad physical comedy are the most distinctive and funny segments of the show. It was easy to warm up to these performers, and if they make it to New York again I wouldn't hesitate to have another look.

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