Friday, August 31, 2007

FRINGE: I Dig Doug

I didn't dig I Dig Doug; I found the play to be as vapid and superficial as its protagonist. I think Bert V. Royal's direction needed to do more than simply ferry the two energetic writer/performers from point A to point B; it needed to actually shape the satire, too. Far too much comedy leaked right over the edge of this shaky ship, and too much of the show was filled with digressive skits. There's also the subject material itself: being unfamiliar with Howard Dean's '04 campaign, I missed out on some of the broader political needling. There's definitely promise in Doug, but until the story stops serving the jokes, it'll stay needlessly democratic: that is to say, it'll keep shuffling all over itself, unable to get anything done. And satire without a point is just heartless humor.

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