Thursday, February 28, 2008

Beebo Brinker Chronicles

37 Arts
Beebo is back! I went apeshit over this play in its initial run with the Hourglass Group and I raced to the new production as soon as they would let me in the door. Though I missed the edgy, underground vibe at the tiny Fourth Street Theater, taking up shop at the big, giant 37 Arts space imbued this new production with a prideful air of legitimacy- a symbolic and charming journey for a piece such as this one. I'm glad that more people are going to see this sizzling 50's style lesbohomo pulp drama. It's really worth it. And Jenn Colella as the title character? HGA!


Ginger said...

I can't agree more!

Totally miss the edgy, underground feel that the production had downtown, but Jenn Colella more than makes up for it!

Though the themes don't resonate as well or as much in present day NYC, it remains entertaining nonetheless and definitely deserves to be seen again!

Particular fave of mine is Marin Ireland's turn as Laura...what an emotional journey she takes, and quite interesting to see her evolve.

See this before it closes!

Anonymous said...

Just caught Beebo this weekend...never saw the downtown production, but heard amazing things. So, on a friend's suggestion, checked out the Off-b'way show and all I got to say is- DAMN! Love the retro 50's style. A fun dramatization of a long gone Greenwich village. (A Greenwich village not centered on luxury boutique shopping...wha? ;)

Anonymous said...

Well worth seeing! I didn't even know about the other production, but very much enjoyed the current one Off-Broadway.

I caught the show on a recent trip to New York and was impressed by the story and the actors. I'm not really a theater person, but this is quite a show. It's a lot funnier than I was expecting.

I think it may be closing soon... definitely worth catching!

Linda Hart said...

Seeing this tonight with friends for the Kate Clinton talk back. I have been very uncertain about seeing this, given the mixed reviews but your comments have given me hope.

Glad I'm catching this in its final week!

jenna said...

Absolutely loved this play! Quick-witted and sexy without losing the human struggle of the characters. Strange to see how far we have (and haven't) come through the years.

I did read the books, many years ago, and had always hoped that they'd make it to movie status. Who knows! Maybe that's the next step after the play closes this week.