Saturday, February 23, 2008

Welcome To Nowhere (bullet hole road)

Photo/Kenneth Collins

It's interesting to note that Kenneth Collins doesn't call Welcome to Nowhere (bullet hole road) a play -- he opts for "performance" instead. Well, that's true, what with the tightly framed "stage" (a pair of transparent changing-room mirrors), the languid language (mostly delivered in breathy whispers), and William Cusick's Lynchian dream projecting onto a widescreen banner above the set. I'd go with the word "experience" instead, as the whole production is so uniquely compelling -- controlled to the point of ultimate enthrallment -- that you won't soon forget this show. The film is shot like a photo-realistic noir that splices flesh-and-blood actors with static backgrounds; the play is a minimalist grounding for the memories projected above. The pace is a slow and sustained necessity, one that mirrors the endless drifting of its twinned protagonists, Hunter (Ben Beckley) and Wyatt (Brian Greer) as they slowly merge on the highway of life. Don't try to unpack the bags of plot; just hop in the passenger seat and let Collins take you for a ride.

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