Thursday, February 28, 2008

FRIGID '08: Fool For A Client

A self-made millionaire whose American Dream went horribly wrong thanks to "a saga of litigation", Mark Whitney would have good reason to be bitter. Instead he's become an ironist, and his sixty minute fact-based monologue (currently part of The New York Frigid Festival) is rich with darkly funny, often cautionary, observational humor. There are so many sharp and succinct one-liners that I stopped trying to retain them all and just let them come and go. Most are derived from Whitney's bullseye-aim at some of the injustices and flat-out absurdities of our legal system, but Whitney's eventual target is larger. It's a well-written piece, absorbing from start to finish, in which warm and conversational Whitney mines his real-life personal nightmare to warn against (among other things) blind faith in authority. That's a message that never gets old.

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