Saturday, April 19, 2008

From Up Here

****1/2 (...out of five stars)

Of the three of us Showdowners, I liked this play the most. Loved, in fact. This story about fractured family trying to rebound from a very serious incident that went down at the high school was very modern, sensitive and wholly engaging. Loaded with colorful, stressed-out characters crashing up against each other yet also desperate to reach out and hold each other, From Up Here was pushing the same buttons in me that last year's 100 Saints You Should Know did- another play that I flerging loved. Everyone in this cast is delivering some great performances with Julie White leading the pack. The desperate mommy angst emanating from her aura was heartbreaking and I wanted to climb onstage and give her a big fat gay hug.

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Flip Chick said...

I just saw FROM UP HERE last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Is it a perfect play? No. Is every character "quirky" in some way? Yes. But the cast was wonderful and it was definitely worth seeing.