Sunday, May 04, 2008

The 1959 Songbook

92 Street Y

What a great year from which to glean some of the greatest showtunes in Broadway history. A snapshot of everything running on Broadway in 1959 -including Gypsy, West Side Story, The Sound Of Music, Fiorello, My Fair Lady, The Music Man, among others- this was a heartfelt tribute to the golden age of American theater. Starring the ├╝ber-talented Broadway stars David Burnham, Sarah Uriarte Berry, Sally Mayes and Donna McKechnie (all of whom were spot on in the final dress rehearsal I attended), they all tore through many of the more popular showtunes and also numbers from lesser known scores like Jamaica and Bells Are Ringing. This is a very fun evening exclamation point! One quibble: In a presumable effort to fit in as much as they could, the production was very cut and paste medley heavy. It should be ILLEGAL to only sing one verse of "One Hand, One Heart"... especially when you have the glorious David Burham and the glorious Sarah Uriarte Berry on hand to sing it. The same goes for glorious Sally Mayes' one verse of"Rose's Turn". "Blasphemy!" cries the showtune junkie!


PatAthanas said...

I agree that I wanted more of many songs. Two corrections to your review. It was Donna McKechnie, not Lopez, that brought the Fossie number Redhead to life and made me feel as if I were seeing the 1959 show itself. For those searching for more info on Sally Mayes, they may want this correct spelling of her last name. She was truly spectacular and I wanted more, much more!

PatAthanas said...
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David Bell said...

thanks for the name corrections!
sorry donna and sally! xo

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