Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Catered Affair

****1/2 (...out of five stars)
No Tony nom for best musical, book or score? Wow. I am mad at the American Theater Wing for this. So far this quiet, deeply emotional chamber piece is my favorite new musical of the season. The story- financially strapped parents make a bid to provide their neglected daughter with an extravagant wedding- was brimming with nuance and humanity. The conversational score- equal parts bittersweet and wistful- couples beautifully with the pace and mood of the story. Faith Prince, the mother of the bride, skillfully conveyed just as many heartbreaking moments in the silence between the phrases as she did while she sang. Tom Wopat finally gets to originate a role on Broadway and he's dead on perfect as the tired cabbie constantly being cornered by his wife. I loved this show.

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Anonymous said...

Me too, David. What a shame this show has been so unfairly slammed. It's a brilliant work that in many a year not only would have been nominated, but would have WON. Faith Prince is brilliant.