Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Glory Days

1/2 (...out of five stars)

I was charmed by the Cinderella story of these young first timers sneaking their little show to Broadway just under the Tony deadline. I wanted to like it but 5 minutes into it i realized that liking it wasn't going to be an option. This hanging-out-on-the-old-high-school-bleachers-reliving-the-old-glory-days (the "old glory days" being three years previous) pop musical suffered from a myriad of problems one would most likely find in the first draft of a workshop production: low stakes, cliche', stories not resolving, at least one main character missing any sort of journey at all. Nick Blaemire, the composer (obviously heavily influenced by Jonathan Larson and Jason Robert Brown) does have potential and maybe down the line can look back on this freshman disaster as a humbling learning experience as he is hopefully launching a new, more Broadway-worthy production. However, this time, no go. There was a prevailing bitterness for me while watching this wildly shocking misfire: Why the FUCK isn't [title of show] right here right now?

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