Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2. GuruGuru

Interactive theater can be somewhat limiting, especially if you're so involved in hitting your own cues that you forget to look up and catch what the other "audience-actors" are sending your way. Rotozaza's latest, GuruGuru, neatly avoids that trap by making that the very point. Without giving too much away, upon your arrival, you will receive a nametag that identifies your "character," and upon entering the "set," you'll follow directions via television and headphones. Your character's problem involves the inability to think independently, which makes your own portrayal--reliant as you are on cues to figure out what's going on--all the more fitting, if not prescient. It's a trippy experience, a valid meditation on
our current cultural abyss and our worship of drone-life. The show ends in either a truly liberating or truly frightening way: with you back in the real world, more aware than ever of your own thoughts, and their importance.

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