Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time Stands Still

Donald Margulies' intriguing Time Stands Still (nicely directed by Daniel Sullivan) focuses on Sarah, a photographer who was almost killed by a roadside bomb; Laura Linney plays Sarah with her usual intelligence, sensitivity, and subtlety. While taking care of Sarah, James, her long-time partner in life and work (well-played by Brian d'Arcy James), continues to navigate his own recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder. To James, the universe has given the couple a sign that it's time to retire from covering wars. To Sarah, being injured is an interruption, not an end. Is James too ready to compromise or is Sarah an adrenaline junky? Or both? Their close friend and editor, Richard (Eric Bogosian), joyously involved with a much younger woman (the wry Alicia Silverstone), just wants his friends to be safe and as happy as he is--but not at the price of compromising his own values. Touching on themes of loyalty, leading a meaningful life, and what people owe each other, both across countries and in intimate relationships, Time Stands Still nicely contrasts big-picture ideas with the quotidian details in the life of a troubled couple.

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