Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Here We Go Again!

Aaron won our little showdown, coming from behind for a final tally of 265! Way to go, Mr. Riccio.

I'm sure I speak for all three of us when I say how much fun it has been to blog the race in 2007 and how exciting it has been to see a wide variety of theatre this past year.

All three of us are ready to have another go at it and race in 2008. We want to keep the blog essentially as it is - focused on our concise posts about shows and free of advertising - but we think there might be room for some changes. For instance, you'll soon see a box in the sidebar where each of us will spotlight some recommendations. And you might be seeing an irregular feature or two during the year.

We do wonder why we get more email than we get comments. It's a mystery, considering how many thousands of readers come here in a week, Who's reading us nearly every morning in San Diego? I look at the blog stats, and I see you! Hi!

Once again, the rules of the race are as David laid them down this time last year.
It has to be blogged (promptly) to count.
A show can only count once in the calendar year. (Damn. That includes Passing Strange doesn't it!)
Concerts don't count. (But Kiki & Herb do!)

And we're off!


Inquiring minds want to know said...

But surely there must be a prize for the winner? Shouldn't Patrick and David be treating Aaron to see Jersey Boys? Perhaps the upcoming London production?

Patrick Lee said...

Aaron gets to wear this!

Esther said...

Aaron's pretty lucky!

Good luck on another year of theatergoing and blogging. I'll be reading! (Although I'm on the other side of the country from San Diego).

Anonymous said...

As a stagehand and avid theatre-goer myself, I've been following the Show Showdown off and on for the past year, marveling at the number of shows you guys get to go see.

My question is this- how are you guys funded for this? Or do the theatres consider you "press" and let you in for free during previews?

Patrick Lee said...

Hi. Thanks for reading!
Just speaking for myself (but imagining that it's roughly the same for all three of us): at this point, following the Times article about the race this time last year, I get inviited as press to most of the shows I blog. The rest I finagle like anyone else: friends, papering services, TKTS, etc.

Aaron Riccio said...

The important point is that this site does *NOT* receive funding. I also work as an editor for Theater Talk's "New Theater Corps," so some of the shows I see are as a critic, some of them are as a blogger, and some are, as Patrick notes, through friends, papering services, and special discount offers. The most I spent for a show last year, for what it's worth, was $62.50 for seat M114 at "The Farnsworth Invention."