Sunday, January 27, 2008

Me, Myself & I

photo by: T. Charles Erickson
****1/2 (...out of five stars)
McCarter Theatre Center
Princeton, New Jersey

Two down, two to go in this happy season of Albee productions! I'm just gonna sit here and drool for a few sentences- I hope that's not a problem. Just as fascinating and edgy as his recent production of Peter And Jerry, Albee's newest play, Me, Myself & I, provoked gasps of shock and hysterical laughter from our audience. This very theatrical, highly personal work concerned a mother- accused of being 'demented"- who is having terrible problems with her twin sons. Everything we've come to expect from an Albee production is here: the top notch cast (fucking Tyne Daly and Brian Murray!), tight direction (Emily Mann is on fire), fierce dialogue, ten dimensional characters, and those brilliant moments where you're caught completely off-guard. Favorite line: Maureen: "Cunt!" Mother: "You can't say that onstage!". Pay New Jersey transit $11.75 and they will pick you up at Penn Station and drop you off right in front of the McCarter theater in around 80 minutes. Princeton is gorgeous and the McCarter is the real deal. It was a very good day.

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