Sunday, January 06, 2008

Edward The Second

***1/2 (...out of 5)
Red Bull Theater

This unsubtle, yet wholly compelling production of Christopher Marlowe's Edward The Second features pages of production notes ("This play is about...") and an adaptation and direction that highlights/underlines/ALL CAPS the violence, eroticism and gayness. Some snobs and purists might scoff at this execution but for my classic-fearing ass (and for most likely all the other guys who went just because of the hot naked dude in the production photo) the pronounced way in which this tragedy of the royals was presented was welcome and helpful as there was far more clarity and understandability than I'm used to when I drop in on a 400 year old play. Add to that a sexy, top notch cast and an imaginative costume/scenic design that seemed to float around in some gorgeously stylized every-time and you have a production that I was very glad I got to see.
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