Sunday, April 01, 2007



Never underestimate the power of a good title. I was curtly chided for showing up a few minutes after 7:30 to collect my ticket and was put on stand-by status as the house was completely sold out. Happily, there was one seat left for me and happily this collection of 8 lusty short plays by 8 lusty playwrights was as slutty and fun as its title. Ranging from naughty to downright crass, every one of these plays was actually very well written and very well performed. My favorite was "The Impotence Of Being Ernest" which featured the stiff (in more ways than one) husband of Gwendolyn (from the Wilde play it spoofs) recounting to his best friend a failed attempt at "coital relations" with his new wife. Such frank language over a spot of tea indeed! And the final play's dialogue was so hysterically raunchy ("...she shit in my mouth!... about two shot glasses full") that I would like to ask the playwright's hand in marriage. The "lights up!"/crew exposed/"cue the bed!" cacophony in between the scenes made us feel like we were on the set of a porn shoot. Great idea!


Joshua said...

Thanks for the good words about The Impotence of Being Ernest, it is appreciated. (Yes, people do read these things.)


Joshua Hill

Joshua said...
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