Monday, April 23, 2007

A Guy Adrift In The Universe

photo: Evan Purcell

This clever high-concept comedy (by Larry Kunofsky, a writer new to me) tracks the full life cycle of A Guy from birth to 90 minutes. He springs from the womb fully articulate - think Stuey from Family Guy - and at revolving-door speed is mothered, fathered, befriended, schooled, dated, employed, and so on. The humor is in the shorthand: an entire relationship might be nutshelled into one precise, philosophically astute exchange that captures something deeply truthful and funny. It's a very delicate conceit that requires a distinct performance style to keep it moving, and luckily this dynamic four-person cast (Cory Grant as A Guy, with a couple of dozen other roles divided among Sutton Crawford, Corey Patrick, and Zarah Kravitz) is tuned right in to the play's vibe. Together, they sound all the play's high and low notes and keep A Guy Adrift... confidently on course.

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