Monday, April 30, 2007



TONY AWARD COMMITTEE (or whatever wonderful and appropriate thing you call yourself): Please do not forget David Pittu as "Bertolt Brecht" (pictured) for Best Featured Actor in a Musical®. There was an enormous, nuanced character presented there and every time he sang it sounded as though one of those old scratchy vintage records from the 30's had come to life. Bravo David Pittu whoever you are! Sweet Donna and sweet Michael should be nommed as well for their beautiful, heartfelt work soaked with elbow-grease but I trust you guys already know that. Beyond that I wasn't too crazy about this musical about Kurt Weill's relationship with Lotte Lenya that never really took flight beyond a few bright moments offered up by the aforementioned stars. This production seemed more like a screenplay than a Broadway musical and I never quite felt like I was allowed to feel the raw, in-your-face theatricality that the original Weil/Brecht would have wanted us to feel in a piece such as this. P.S. Judith Blazer has such big beautiful eyes!


mikeypod said...

dude....come see Happy End at Theater 1010, I'm musical directing. More Weill!

Cameron said...

Yes, go see Happy End. I cannot recommend that production enough.

Rocco said...

David Pittu! David Pittu!!!