Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Chorus Line


When I got my drivers license at 16, the national tour of A Chorus Line was the first show I went to without a parental escort. This closeted gay theater junkie in West Houston suburbia was riveted with the character's stories and if they'd needed a towel boy he would have happily run off with the circus. This weekend's visit hit me in a different but still very special place: one of appreciation and reverence. This tightly staged revival had me drooling over that familiar choreography and had me wanting to sing along. I won the lotto (thanks Patrick!) and sat front row center. Perhaps I was a bit too close during the high energy full company dance numbers but during the solo numbers, like "Nothing" expertly delivered by a three feet away Natalie Cortez, were intense and very special.

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jolene said...

"nothing" was also my favorite song when i saw the revival, my first time ever seeing A Chorus Line! natalie cortez sparkles in that song.