Sunday, May 06, 2007

Coram Boy

The reason why Coram Boy works, why it grows beyond shallow melodrama, is because of its grandiose vision. One actor making the squalling of a baby is nothing, but a fleet of them becomes an unsinkable and theatrical armada of talent, and it is hard to go wrong with such overbearing emotion. When leading the entire cast (or the underlying choral score and orchestra), Melly Still makes the theater alive with action, from inspiring cathedral scenes to rich balls (not as nice as those in Coast of Utopia), or to the chaos of late-night wharves or underwater rescues. Scenes that are smaller in scope are hammed up and melodramatic, which only goes to illustrate how much of a musical Coram Boy is, despite not having any songs.

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Christopher (another one!) said...

Thank you for 'seeing' the same play I saw! To say Coram Boy is at times Thrilling is not an overstatement. Unfortunately, New York audiences seem to have lost the ability to appreciate true theatrical art and let it just wash over them, flaws and all. Coram boy is not perfect, but taken as a whole, it supplies theatrical magic missing from Broadway for a LONG time.

Jennifer said...

i LOVE this show. glorious and visually stunning; a true theater experience.

Anonymous said...

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