Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Chronological Secrets of Tim

The company may be Impetuous, but the production didn't have to be. Instead of watching three actors fling themselves around a nice, but underused set in a vain attempt at comedy, we could've focused on the more structured scenes of the past, the sexier, funnier, more entertaining moments. Furthermore, for a show so obsessed with time, it didn't have to move so slowly either: farce or not, there's no way a man sits on a ledge threatening to jump for two hours without cops--even the inept ones--breaking in. I mean, if there's time enough for both of his ex-girlfriends to show up and try (for some inexplicable reason) to stop him from jumping (between mercilessly mocking him, that is), surely there's at least one cop somewhere in New York City who can take action. Energy only takes you so far: if you're stuck in a hamster wheel, your show isn't going anywhere.

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