Monday, May 21, 2007

The New 42 Follies

New Victory Gala Benefit

"I hate you and your ass face!", I imagined the director screaming over the phone to Barbra Walsh and Orfeh, two acts that backed out of this Monday night benefit at the last minute. I'm sure they had colorfully valid excuses and everything turned out fine as the remaining acts in this brisk 45 minute revue hosted by Sam Waterston kicked ass. Beth Leavel rocked it out with "As We Stumble Along", Marin Mazzie belted old school with "The Diva's Lament" and Josh Strickland finally made it onto the Hot Guy Alerts when he walked onto the stage and stood there and looked handsome while he sang. The surprise hit of the night was the last minute replacement Jeremy Smith performing "Caught" a thrilling modern dance from Parson's Dance Company that, with the use of carefully timed strobe-lighting, made it look like he was floating throughout the space. Fun!

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Anonymous said...

Would you happen to have any photos from this event?? I run Josh Strickland's website and haven't seen any from this event last month. If you could send an email to it would be appreciated!