Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Eaten Heart

Another aesthetic must-see, The Eaten Heart is the kind of show that puts other directors to shame. In the mode of the epic "Decameron," The Debate Society has taken a series of lives in miniature, and then revealed them to us--slowly, subtly, seductively--in a world of motels and wolves, charming pizza-boys who cannonball in their off-hours, sudden thunderstorms and power outages, and televisions that won't turn off. Everything about this show works, from the compelling power of silence to the parallel motions of strangers who are just a thin skin of a wall apart. Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen play all the parts, which means they change costumes as fast as they change characters, but they're as technically slick as they are theatrically solid, and it's rare to see such complimentary performances working toward Oliver Butler's overarching truth. Dare I say flawless? I do.

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MCC said...

i agree completely. the debate society is hands down the most exciting company creating the most amazing theatre around right now.