Saturday, February 17, 2007


(Photo: Sara Costello)

Turns out that all you need isn't love, it's vaudeville. Or at least guardian angels who are really into vaudeville. It's the talented ensemble that pulls this collection of caricatures into a fully fleshed show, but Rose Courtney's end-product, Cycle, would be a sweet ride for any company. All the humor is outsized and gushing, and the work is so warm, so desperately appealing, that it's impossible not to like (once the initial confusion wears off). Also, the show mocks the industry pretty accurately, from casting to scene work to singing, so if you're involved with theater and need a laugh, this show might be a nice way to affirm those stereotypes. This is vaudeville, so the whole show does come across as a little loose--almost haphazard at times--but that just means you might want to bring along a helmet. The ride itself is worth it.

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