Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Last Word...


Two playwrights from two different generations debate their extremely different viewpoints on writing, theater, life, etc in this kinda interesting one act. Was the young playwright character based on this play's author, Oren Safdie? Playwrights' self-characters often come off with a diet personality and are armed with very intelligent mouths that make lots of points. Check. The young playwright announced that he was trying to get into Columbia, a school Oren attended. Check. To his credit he does not masturbate by making his character a Pulitzer Prize winner or allow his character to win every argument, but I still got the sense that the older blind playwright (played with a winning chuzpah by Daniel J Travanti) was doomed in terms of who is righter. There were a few notable moments but not a whole lot happened.

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