Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Little Dog Laughed


Due to the fact that producers are practically handing out tickets at Port Authority, I got a chance to revisit this snappy gay comedy a few days before it closes. It's still a lot of fun and was successful in thawing out the frozen matinee crowd that had just slogged in from the first blizzard of the year. Why is it closing so early? I don't think it's necessarily because it's a gay play, but maybe because it's a play about coming out, an issue that I think the general New York post-millennium theatergoing public is pretty much beyond- though it should be stated that Beane's dialogue is as fresh and modern as anything on Broadway right now. Anyway, Little Dog Laughed is really all about Julie White who, as the high-strung ambitious talent agent, is giving the funniest female performance on Broadway since Katie Finneran in Noises Off. It'll be tough competition in June (Seldes, Landsbury, Redgrave, Pinkins, etc.) but I am addicted to the notion that she will win the Best Actress Tony. HGA!

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Rocco said...

God bless you for acknowledging that Katie Finneran in NOISES OFF was the funniest performance in recent memory. It still makes me laugh. I think I actually fell out of my seat that night.