Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Jaded Assassin

The Ohio Theater

I am very intrigued and impressed with playwright, Timothy Haskell. Author of such slap-happy hits as Fatal Attraction: A Greek Tragedy and Road House: The Stage Play, he is hell-bent on creating FUN theater. And snobs be damned, fun theater is a valid, respectable artistic genre. Billed as the world's first full-length action play, The Jaded Assassin, is a hysterical amalgam of karate flicks and comic books. The plot is thin but the gimmick is golden: 70 minutes of finely choreographed/highly theatrical fight scenes. Yesterday I was heartbroken over the deaths of the soldiers in Journey's End. Today, watching a warrior in Jaded... get disemboweled I died laughing. I love the theatre.

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