Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dying City

Lincoln Center

Tony nominee, Pablo Schreiber, exited Awake And Sing! a boy and he has returned in Dying City a man. Playing adult twins in this fiercely modern play, the new Pablo, all decked out in muscles and edge all of a sudden resembles you know who (note that "resembles" is different than "imitates"). He is giving an extraordinary, natural, handsome, honest performance that needs to be seen. And the play. Yes. Christopher Shinn gives to us yet another challenging work of art that the older generations might not be totally comfortable with (as indicated by the chattering, crinkling, annoying matinee rabble I sat among (there's a story there if anyone wants to ask me about it)). Text messages and emails are major plot points in this play yet the revelation of character and gentle fluidity of story are as succinct as an Albee. Christopher Shinn and Pablo Schreiber have enormous futures ahead of them. Please go see this play. HGA!

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Patrick Lee said...

Going March 2nd. Aaron? Chris?

Aaron Riccio said...

Checking in and checking it out March 3rd. (Will also be seeing Bill W. and Dr. Bob that day, so we'll see if it's a day of disagreement or not.)

Cameron said...

Good luck, guys. I would suggest bringing somethin entertaining--a crossword, some knitting, the new Pynchon--anything, really, to keep your focus away from the dreck on stage.