Friday, February 23, 2007

The Voysey Inheritance

photo: Monique Carboni


Is it possible that the retarded guy in The Pillowman, the lovesick servant in Measure For Pleasure and the very worried banker in The Voysey Inheritance are all the same guy?!... (checking Playbills)... OMG! It's true! His name is Michael Stuhlbarg. Heard of him? He is one of those disappears-into-a-role actors who wins a Tony but still probably has to wait for a table at Angus McIndoes because the host doesn't recognize him. Here in this money drama about a banker trying to replenish the funds that have been looted by his family, Stuhlbarg gives a very sensitive, passionate, specific performance that kept this period piece relevant and extremely watchable. Who knew bankers were so interesting?

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