Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cut to the Chase

It takes Cut to the Chase little under five minutes to do exactly that: hyperactive Dilly (Laura Dillman), clad in a bellhop's costume and armed with an infectious laugh, introduces the cast: Dobson (Mike Dobson), the dour drummer; The Great Jeske (Joel Jeske), the director; Julietta Massina (Juliet Jeske), the singing diva; Kasper (Ryan Kasprzak), the lovable scamp; Little Angela (Andrea Kehler), the annoying tease; and Roland Derek (Derek Roland), the lanky illusionist. In of itself, that's not impressive; however, this talented ensemble then continues to entertain both the young and the young at heart for the next hour in a mash of silent comedy and parodies of old song standards like "Shine on Harvest Moon." Mark Lonergan's direction seamlessly uses three farcically placed doors and a few sliding curtains to break out (among many many other things) a tap-triggered light show and a balloon-drumming exhibition. Great fun, for all ages.

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