Friday, December 14, 2007

Vital Signs: New Works Festival Week Three

OK, put down the bell; stop tolling the death of the American playwright. In the last two weeks, I've seen at least nine promising writers, each with a distinct vision and voice, and different social woe to expose, on the Vital Theater stage. This isn't developmental theater either, but fully produced works that range from Shelia Callaghan's always welcome eccentricity (Ayravana Flies or A Pretty Dish) to Sharyn Rothstein's insightful humanity (Senor Jay's Tango Palace). Directors like Blake Lawrence (The Lock) and David A. Miller (Ayravana) make even the most sedentary blocking charming and alive, and actors like Nick Merrit, Carla Rzeszewski, and Lauren Walsh Singerman make these new voices positively sing. I'm fast becoming convinced that Vital is one of the best places to find fresh, young talents: head over there now so you can say you knew 'em when.

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