Monday, March 26, 2007

Altar Boyz

Onward, Christian hotties! Its third year off Broadway, and the hip-pumping, Bible-thumping boyband musical is still sending out (God is) good vibrations to those who believe in prayer, and to those whose prayers are answered by five hunks busting out moves in tight denim. This current cast has the show in tight, crowd-pleasing shape and the songs and dance routines are just as endearingly fun and funny as ever; I wouldn't want to meet the person who could resist laughing at the Boyz' horns-on-head move when they sing about Satan. I'll confess to three Deadly Sins while groovin' to Altar Boyz for a third time: Gluttony, because I couldn't get enough of Chris Gatellii's choreography; Envy, because the musical is that rare breed of satire that gets across with a smile rather than a sneer and I wish I had written it; and Lust. "Nuff said there.


Anonymous said...

Who's your favorite new Altar Boy?

Patrick Lee said...

Zach Hanna, the current Mark. He takes a different approach than Tyler Maynard did, making the character more self-aware. Wouldn't have thought that would work for Mark but it does.