Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Defender Of The Faith

Irish Repertory

Those poor Irish Repertory matinee subscribers. After being lulled into sugar coma by the wildly genteel Meet Me In St. Louis, the Rep's latest production, Defender Of The Faith, is currently jolting them awake with the force of a zap from a pair of freshly charged shock paddles. This play about family loyalty and government informers is dark, mean and violent and the only word used more than "fuck" is "cunt". Seated in that horrible side section ("punishment seats" as Patrick likes to call them) I had a clear view of much of the audience and I counted three different contingents throughout the 90 minute production demonstratively march out in contempt and the pained looks on the faces of those who stayed tended to suggest that they were in desperate need of a trolley song. Actually this turned out to be a very well acted production of a pretty damn good play. Plays that aren't for the easily offended are the plays I often like the best.
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