Friday, March 09, 2007


Be what, exactly? I was dazzled by the charm and enthusiasm of the performers, but there was a distinct lack of cohesiveness to the individual skits that made up Mayumana's Be. Rhythmic theater relies as much on visuals as it does on the sound itself, and there just isn't as much creativity here (or as solid a gimmick) as in long running shows like Blue Man Group and Stomp. Some of the bits, in fact, seem stolen directly from the former (albeit in burlesque) and there's a lot that's just shades of what Stomp innovated over a decade ago. Also, so far as performance goes, the co-creator, Boaz Berman, and African dancer Aka Jean Claude Thiemele appear to be steps ahead of the rest of the ensemble. Not that I could do even the simplest routines they perform, but while a few segments (like the opening) were inventive and fun, I don't think Be has made enough of a mark to edge out its competitors.

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