Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hotel Oracle

I should've expected no less from a show that calls itself "a play about pergrinations and post-its," but Hotel Oracle is an overintellectual, near inaccessible work that isn't nearly as funny as it thinks it is. The show is early in its run, so I assume the shaky lines and overacting will slowly correct itself with director Stephen Brackett's help. But the writing isn't likely to shed any more light on this vague play about faith than what's already there: the end story is that you know you're in trouble when even the characters call out for deus ex machinas and for a little bit of sense. The show also suffers from Lost-like syndromes; the characters in the first part, "Hotel," start acting differently after the intermission, "Oracle," but it's not due to subtle changes -- it's due to flashbacks that obfuscate more than explain, and some sloppy writing.

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