Sunday, March 04, 2007

Defender of the Faith

I like seeing shows at the Irish Repertory Theater; their focus may be narrow, but the slice of theater they've chosen to present is always rich, generally natural, and very well presented. Defender of the Faith, a slim, 90-minute play is no different. Deftly directed by Ciaran O'Reilly, this show is the serious version of The Lieutenant of Inishmore. The terrorists here aren't crazy, just inured to the necessity of their life, and they aren't out to kill people over cats -- but they are on the hunt for rats. The show is one-part witchhunt, as the quiet, soft-handed J.J. (David Lansbury) and the bullying Joe (Anto Nolan) try to suss out the tout; the other part is family drama, as Joe's son, Thomas (Luke Kirby) is forced to cross his father to defend the old farmhand, Barney (the excellent Peter Rogan). The play sags a bit at the end, and Kirby's accent ducks in and out of brogue, but otherwise, Stuart Carolan's Defender of the Faith is a fine piece of theater.

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