Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tall Grass

Tall Grass is a collection of three aimless one-acts claiming to be black comedies. Killing off the majority of your cast doesn't make it a black comedy, and Brian Harris's wishful channelling of Christopher Durang is a torpid failure: these over-the-top characters have no soul, and the scenes are but a series of last-minute twists. What's worse is that after the limited surprise of the first play, "The Business Proposal," the rest are painfully obvious. The abstract set doesn't work either: a couch suspended in mid-air doesn't impress me, especially since it isn't used until the final play. Eward O'Blenis and Marla Schaffel at least get to act a little in that last segment, playing older versions of their previous charicatures; Mark H. Dold -- you're wanted as the body double for Will Forte on Saturday Night Live.

[Read on - WARNING! SNARKY!]

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